New Home Buyers - Wants vs Needs

So, you say you're ready to take the step and buy a home, especially a first time home purchase.. If you're ready to do that, you must also be willing to take a look into the future. It's a big step, and in order to do well you have to have a clear view of what the future will bring, and in this case, the future will be the shape you decide. When sellers are finding it difficult to get buyers, prices may be depressed, and some buyers will get greedy trying to do their best. This may lead to trouble for those buyers later on if it leads to their buying more house than they can manage. Even if, you are someone who can afford more, and can cater to your wants, this can be a problem. If you find yourself looking at a home that is more than you need and you are still thinking, "I love it, It's way too expensive, but I want it" then look out: you may be in danger of a financial overload which is all too common, even among the affluent. If you're bound by a tight budget, the situation will be easier in this reguard -- but to each case, you have to prioritize. Now let's look at some things that definitely fall into the "needs" category. If you are young and just starting out, this is a good time to invest some time with your spouse and discuss how many children you would like to have. Children need a stable home. You don't want to buy a bigger house every few years because there is another child coming, or maybe there is the possibility you will run a business from home. Then you will need a home that will let you have an office and the needed storage and work areas. You will also have to ascertain the applicable zoning regulations for the location.

Now let's talk about the items in the "wants" category. First, take a look at the way you are accustomed to living. If you entertain regularly, then you will need to focus on a house with a formal dining room and kitchen, or possibly a backyard patio and pool. If you don't see this playing a major role in your activities, then turn your attention to alternative interests. A rec room? An area for working on cars? Accommodations oriented to a hobby are a luxury, you have to admit, and should be treated accordingly for appropriate evaluation in finding their place in line. As you can see, the division between wants and needs may vary significantly between different individuals based on their plans for the future and how much they can afford. This is a good time to do some serious analysis on what the future should look like for you, so you can go about making it come true. Setting your priorities is a key part of the process. Then when you get the list firmly in mind, it's time to get going and make it happen!

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