y Beattys Ford Park Expansion

Beatty's Ford Access Area Enhancements

Update on Beatty's Ford Park & Access Area Expansion.

Beattys Ford Park Click to view larger picture
Please note that this is representative in nature and not based on construction drawing.

Duke Energy will be adding a fishing pier, swimming area and additional paved parking. These items are in red on the photo above and are required. Duke Energy is legally bound by the federal operating license and the CRA (Catawba-Wateree Hydro Project Comprehensive Relicensing Agreement) to implement these recreation improvements.

These enhancements will be added to the existing recreation facilities which consist of four 1-lane boat ramps, two courtesy docks, vehicle with trailer parking (including ADA), picnic facilities and restrooms.

The items in blue are optional. These are non-project recreational enhancements that may be completed by Lincoln county. These enhancements include: picnic tables, picnic shelters, restrooms, bathhouse, concessions, and expansion of existing emergency management office, dock & parking.

This would add to the existing non-project recreation facilities which consist of a splash pad, playground, walking trail, sand volleyball court, emergency management office, emergency management dock and emergency management ramp.

Proposed Time Line

Duke Energy will complete by 2022. The proposed start date is 2020 with a completion date of 2021.

Who will pay for the required enhancements?

The Short Answer: Duke Energy
The Long Answer: Duke Energy is funding construction of these facilities since they are legal obligations for the new federal operating license for the Catawba-Wateree project and binding commitments made under the Comprehensive Relicensing Agreement. Costs associated with implementation of these commitments are part of overall hydro project operating costs and included in the customer rate base. In some instances where Duke Energy leases an access area to a local government, that entity may pursue installation of additional recreation facilities, at their cost, following appropriate approvals by Duke Energy, natural resource agencies and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

I am concerned about increased traffic and potential safety of providing a new access area near my neighborhood. How does Duke Energy address these types of issues?

Per Duke Energy's Website:
Duke Energy understands concerns of communities when a new public access area or additional amenities to an existing access area are constructed nearby. The company strives to be good neighbors in operations of our access areas. When concerns are raised, we reach out to discuss our plans with individuals and/or neighboring communities and will develop site-specific management plans if necessary to address such issues. Some concerns can be addressed up front in engineering design and construction, such as vegetation buffers, parking area security lighting and traffic impact analysis of roads leading into the access areas, which includes consultation with the N.C. or S.C. departments of transportation. Additionally, we work with our state and local partners in ensuring safe operations, which includes local law enforcement, N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, S.C. Department of Natural Resources, marine commissions, and city and county governments. If you have a specific safety concern with our access area operations, please contact us by email at lakeservices@duke-energy.com or call us at 704.382.8086.

If you have any questions or comments please send to chip@lakerealty.com

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