Homes For Sale in Mooresville NC

Homes For Sale in Mooresville NC

When Lake Norman was created, Mooresville NC benefited from miles of shoreline adding all the scenic beauty and recreational features loved by its residents today.

Mooresville started out as a textile town before Lake Norman was created. Many of these old builidings still exist in the historic district providing a quaint downtown with galleries, coffee shops, restuarants and shopping.

Mooresville is located just 25 miles north of Charlotte in the southern part of Iredell County providing a great location with low taxes and an excellent school system. As a result, Mooresville NC attracts home buyers from all over the country.

On Exit 31 you will find Langtree Lake Norman for dining and shopping

Mooresville NC Real Estate

The easiest way to navigate Mooresville is to reference the exits off of I-77. Mooresville has four main exits off of I-77 and several large peninsulas on Lake Norman. Please view this map of Mooresville below for more details.

  • Exit 31: The Langtree Rd/Peninsula (New)
  • Exit 33: Williamson Road
  • Exit 35: Brawley School Rd/Peninsula (New)
  • Exit 36: Mooresville, NC - Hwy 150

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